What does hypnosis feel like?
Will I be out cold? The feeling is similar to the moment right before you fall asleep at night, and as you awaken in the morning. Your body may feel very comfortable and relaxed, and your mind will be alert, hearing everything I say. It might be experienced as the feeling of being engrossed in a book or movie, and so, when someone calls your name, you donít hear them.

Iím nervous about whatís going to happen and whether I will say or do something embarrassing.
In professional clinical hypnosis, you will never be asked to do anything embarrassing or humiliating, or reveal any secrets. Your will be in complete control. I will explain exactly what happens from start to finish. You will remember everything.

Iím skeptical about hypnosis. How will I know if Iím hypnotized?
You can be skeptical and still become hypnotized. With your permission, I may begin the hypnotic induction with a task for you to accomplish, which you could only do under hypnosis. (For example, I would suggest your arm would begin to move closer to your body without you helping it along.)

Will results be immediate?
Results are often immediate but may require up to two weeks.

What if Iím distracted during the session? Wonít this interfere with hypnosis?
Itís normal and fine to have some distracting thoughts such as ďis it working?Ē or ďdid I turn my cell phone off?Ē. Your conscious mind doesnít need to pay attention to my messages. Your subconscious mind will hear and remember everything as long as my messages are consistent with your goals.

Will I need additional sessions?
Selected patients are encouraged to have a few additional sessions in order to maximize and maintain results. If you need to know this before your first session, I can give you an idea based on your results from my detailed questionnaires. I might also obtain some of this information over the phone. If you are traveling a great distance and follow-up is impractical, I can tape record your session and you would listen to it on your own. I am also willing to share your hypnosis scripts, with an ASCH trained hypnotherapist in your area.

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