“Susan Sacks is a well known and very highly regarded psychotherapist- by health professionals and patients alike in the Main Line area. She has a busy practice with a high rate of success. This is because Susan gets results. Her techniques are research based, yet individually tailored. Susan always goes the extra mile for each and every patient she works with, in order to consistently achieve optimal and enduring results. I recommend her highly!”
Dr. Michael Broder, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Former Director of the Philadelphia Institute For Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and author of “Can Your Relationship Be Saved? How To Know Whether To Stay Or Go.”

“Susan Sacks has been providing seminars, consultations, crisis intervention, hypnosis, and psychotherapy for numerous groups and individuals who face challenging levels of stress in their lives. She is highly experienced and competent with excellent credentials. You will find Susan to be easy to talk to and down to earth, with a sense of humor, enthusiasm, tenacity and integrity.” Dr. Paul T. Clements Ph.D., CEO, COPE Consultants, Psychiatric Forensic Specialist

“Susan Sacks is especially known for her work with addictive behaviors, anxiety and depression. She helps you transform your goals into workable, concrete, and achievable solutions. She guides you in changing your mindset to become empowered, resilient and less affected by past and present stressors. She asks you to take responsible risks to make constructive and meaningful life changes, and to keep a journal to forcefully challenge your negative thinking. Susan is sensitive, empathic and highly motivating!”
Dr. Joseph DeRanieri, Ph.D. CFO, COPE Consultants, LLC, Trauma Response Specialist


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