“I had over 30 years of severe IBS, and my typical day consisted of about 35 episodes of diarrhea. I didn’t even believe in hypnosis and I was better after one hypnosis session, but I completed the entire 7 session protocol that Susan used from UNC” David S.

“I suffered with unexplained pain in my neck and stomach for years. I requested hypnosis so I could figure out what was causing it, and get rid of it. Hypnosis really worked well to identify things from my past that probably caused it, to handle them differently, and now I feel really good physically, and emotionally as a result.” Joanne E.

“After one session of hypnosis for my fear of flying, I flew to Scotland, and it wasn’t too bad. The next flight was a couple days after 9-11 and it went fine. Flying gets better every time. ”Frank H.

“I was smoking about a pack and a half per day for about 20 years. I had three hypnosis sessions three days in a row, since Susan suggested that. After the first session, I felt great, I didn’t have any cravings or withdrawal symptoms. I’ve been fine for over 2 years now, with no cravings at all.” Steve G.

“Susan,I have been doing well. The hypnosis makes compliance easier. The carbohydrate cravings seem to have been reduced ( or even eliminated). I hardly think of carbohydrates even when “bad carbs” are readily accessible. I seem to have no desire for bread, pasta etc. Thank you for all your assistance.” Donna L.

“Before I had hypnosis I was in a slump. I let myself go with eating and rarely exercised. I skipped lunch a lot and snacked on junk food instead. After work was the worst. My evenings involved continuous snacking and just laying around. I ate out of boredom, stress, and to reward myself. Susan had a planning session with me one week before the hypnosis. She wanted to start hypnosis only after I started on a sensible eating and exercise plan so I would have faith in myself and use hypnosis to fix the changes in place. This really worked! The two of us put ours heads together and I agreed to make about 12 eating and exercise changes. I’ve given up unhealthy snacking, I’m walking 3 days a week. I feel great and I’m losing weight. All without cravings!” Karen T.

“I am just shocked and amazed at how well hypnosis worked! I am eating really healthy and exercising regularly. I feel great!” Mary T.

“Susan really cares and does far more than just go through the motions of therapy. I would have been long gone without her had she not helped me through my depression. For hypnosis, she works as your partner and customizes her scripts to my needs and specific trigger points. Hypnosis involves taking me to a level of relaxation, where my surface defenses are down (but I don’t feel vulnerable), and I’m guided into a deeper search of issues. In hypnosis, I’m encouraged to adopt a different and hopeful perspective, linking problems to visualizations, handling complicated issues that I couldn’t ordinarily resolve on my own. With hypnosis, I’m more able to be open to change. In the end, it seems as though the ideas and solutions happen on their own.” Mary H.

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