Please check off and describe in detail, the problems/concerns which apply to you and relate to your weight loss goals:

Guilt, shame, feeling unattractive, feeling inadequate, fear of binging, jealousy, feeling weak, avoidance of specific people places, things, hopeless regarding weight loss, feeling desperate, feeling held back, obsessive thinking about food and weight, judgmental of self, cravings. Not being in control, thoughts of deprivation, eating to manage stress.
Describe present sources of stress. How do you typically manage stress?

What are your specific weight loss goals?
Weight loss of ____ pounds, the ability to enjoy food, improved self-esteem, spending less time thinking about food, less guilt, less fear, other:

Describe past attempts to lose weight and maintain weight loss. What helped?

What was your lowest weight? What was your highest weight? At what weight do you feel attractive? What is a realistic weight goal? What will weight loss accomplish for you? describe a fantasy related to your weight loss goal.

In your opinion, what contributes to your weight problem?

How often do you weigh yourself? Describe your reactions.
Do you have exercise goals?
Describe past attempts to exercise.
Has behavior modification been helpful in the past? Please specify what helped and what didn’t.
Have affirmations, positive self-talk, stress management or cognitive restructuring been helpful? Please specify

Is it possible that your present weight protects you from unwanted relationships?
Is it possible that a traumatic event is related to your weight problem?

Please list any past or present medical conditions, medications and supplements you are currently taking.
Describe your reactions to the idea of starting a "diet".
Describe the most difficult times of day.

Describe the emotions, situations, people, places etc which are problematic.

How does your present weight problem effect your emotions, behaviors, relationships and professional pursuits?

What personal traits and accomplishments do you feel proud of?
How would a good friend describe you?
Do you live alone or with others? Does this help or hinder your weight loss efforts? how?
In your opinion, what needs to be done to accomplish your weight loss goal?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where ten is the most upsetting, how upsetting is your present weight problem?
List what you may typically eat and drink on both a “good” day and a “bad” day.
Other pertinent information regarding your weight loss goal:

What are you hoping that hypnosis will do for you? Do you have any specific concerns or questions regarding hypnosis treatment?
Feel free to compose motivational phrases or describe motivational images which may be incorporated in your session. Indicate which words might be counterproductive.
Use additional paper if necessary and email to my private email address

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